Greg Thelen is a comics writer and who co-created Amanda Green, SIA, with Marili Ramirez about an insurance agent in a superhero-filled city. Running concurrently with Amanda Green, he started The New Romford Free Press, a fictional news site set within that superhero-filled world, with art by Ramirez. He also created the webcomic 30 Minutes to Live, an anthology about the end of the world, which was mentioned on Mental Floss, Multiversity Comics, and io9, who listed it was one of the Best New Webcomics of 2014. Someday, he plans on “making it” once he figures out what that means. You can find all of his work at Exit421. He can be contacted at greg.thelen [at]



Celestia Ward began cartooning in 1991 for the Johns Hopkins University’s student humor magazine, The Black & Blue Jay, and continued doing cartoons and caricatures during nights and weekends while pursuing a career in academic publishing. In 2002 she switched to full-time artist and eventually cofounded Two Heads Studios in Las Vegas, NV, offering caricature illustration and live caricature entertainment for events. She has served two terms on the board for the International Society of Caricature Artists and regularly travels to fairs and events across the country. She blogs about caricature and cartoon-related topics at, and you probably own one of her drawings but don’t know it.